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Updated November 27, 2018

Dear fellow grill newb,

The goal of is to provide honest ‘consumer to consumer’ grill reviews, helpful grilling tips, recipes and guides to grill newbies. The content you read on this site is free to readers but represents many hours of research and time. As such, I utilize affiliate networks and ads for compensation and at times accept products for an honest review.

Integrity is important to me so promise to only promote products I personally use or can recommend without hesitation.

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This is a review site reviewing products that are either purchased or given to for review—they are all products we have either personally tested and/or researched for the purpose of a review or use on a regular basis. All opinions expressed are our own and not influenced by any outside sources and/or affiliations. We are not affiliated with any other blogging or content networks and we have no direct corporate sponsors (see affiliates below).

Advertising & Affiliates

Our site is supported in part by advertising from a number of providers including Google AdSense, affiliate programs, and paid banner advertisements. Most ads are obvious although some may appear as links with-in review content (affiliate links). We strive to keep our advertising obvious, relevant and unobtrusive.