GMG Daniel Boone Wifi
Pellet Grill Review

by David Strader  |  updated December 12, 2018

Overall 88%

  • Price 95% 95%
  • Usability 90% 90%
  • Durability 75% 75%
  • Design 80% 80%
  • Recommendation Score 100% 100%

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The Good


Comes packed with WiFi that’s easy to use and reliable


Automatic shut-off and ash blow out


GMG mobile app (full control of your grill)


Hopper holds 17 lbs of pellets & has a hopper clean-out system


Optional right shelf

The Bad


No front or bottom shelf


Only 1 inside rack by default


Still requires manuel clean-out from time to time (but all pellet smokers do!)

Bottom Line

Overall, the Daniel Boone with WiFi is a well-round pellet grill packing more features than your standard grill at this price point. Green Mountain Grills customer service has been truly amazing which goes a long way when making a large purchase on a grill with a lot of moving parts and technology. If you value a larger hopper, more shelf space, and perhaps a higher quality frame over price and WiFi capabilities, there’s likely a better fitting pellet smoker for you. However, if you’d like to step-up your grilling game signfigantly and enjoy the flexibility WiFi gives, the Daniel Boone with WiFi is truly a great choice.


  • Price Score 95% 95%

At around $700, the Daniel Boone Wifi Pellet Grill is a very competitive option. GMG and your local dealers will even run specials at times which can lower the price even closer to the $550-$630 range.

Considering the features and elements we’ll discuss below, I give the Daniel Boone GMG an 95 out of 100 rating on price.


  • Usability Score 90% 90%
Using the Daniel Boone Pellet Grill on a daily and/or weekend basis has proved to be an absolute pleasure. Even when I’ve had extended time in between cooks, I’m always happy to see that the grill cranks up just as it did the first time I turned it on. Most importantly, the pellet grill cooks does a fantastic job smoking meat. So far, I’ve done several pork butts, a brisket, hamburgers, hotdogs and chicken but will be trying veggies here very soon.

Easy to get started & operate
Getting the grill ready for your first smoke is a piece of cake. Green Mountain Grills, of course, provides a very professional and detailed manual explaining how to get started but they went the extra mile to provide a handy quick-start guide so you can get to smoking your first rack of ribs sooner rather than later. Operating the grill on a regular basis is easy and enjoyable.

WiFi & GMG Amp
The Daniel Boone WiFi really opens up a whole new world in the grilling/smoking arena and I’ve been impressed with how reliable this fester is. You can control the grill temperature, monitor the internal temperature of your meat, set up cooking programs and set timers. 

Connecting to WiFi is a breeze. You can connect over your local network then switch to the GMG cloud servers to take control on the go. I wouldn’t own a grill without this feature!

Low Pellet Warning
When your hopper is running low on pellets, not only do you hear an alarm on your pellet grill but if you’re connected to the app, you’ll also get notifications that you’re running low as well. Handy feature!

Shelves & Racks
With the GMG Daniel Boone, you do get an optional shelf to the right side of the grill and I’ve found myself using the top of the hopper as another small shelf. This grill does not have a bottom shelf nor does it have a front shelf which is one of the largest usability cons in my opinion.

While there are some usability options I’d like to see added, the Daniel Boone Pellet Grill gets a 90 out of 100 usability rating.


  • Quality Score 75% 75%

The Daniel Boone pellet grill functions perfectly and is built well overall. A big majority of the grill (everything except for the lid) is built using 14-gauge steel—the lid uses 13-gauge steel—which is why it comes in at 155 LBS. The steel construction and weight really make the pellet grill feel like it was built well to last but the stand itself feels weaker than other pellet grills on the market. The 4-wheel construction could also be improved as it’s harder to move on anything less than a flat/concrete surface, but I’ve honestly not had to move it since buying it.

I’ve personally owned the GMG Daniel Boone for over a year with little to no problems. Even if I did have an issue, I feel confident the GMG customer service team would help correct any legitimate issue, even if it was beyond the 3-year limited warranty.

This was a tough one but I’m going to give the Daniel Boone WiFi a 75 out of 100 on overall quality.


  • Design Score 80% 80%

Of course, this is a highly ‘personal preference’ attribute in our Grill Newb Rating Matrix but one I’m passionate about. That being said, while I think other pellet grills on the market have a sleeker design overall, I really dig the design and black finish on the Daniel Boone GMG. It’s a grill you’ll be proud of aesthetically in every way.

The key design feature on this pellet grill that you’re bound to love is the height of the lid itself. Green Mountain Grills designed the Daniel Boone pellet grill with a 13.5-inch height clearance inside to handle taller recipes like Smoked Beer Can Chicken. Sure, some other pellet grills can accommodate recipes like this as well but it’s often very tight.

All things considered, the Daniel Boone Wi-Fi pellet grill gets a 80 out of 100 aesthetic and design rating.


Hopper Capacity17 LBS
Grilling Space458 sq in.
Wifi IncludedYes
App SupportYes
Max Temperature 500º
Number of Racks1
Meat Probe IncludedYes
Sear Box IncludedNo
Hopper Clean-out SystemYes
Ash Cleanout SystemNo
Bottom Shelf IncludedNo
Side Shelf IncludedYes
Front Shelf IncludedNo
WarrantyLimited 3 Year Warranty
Grease Tray Material12 Gauge Steel
Boby Material14 Gauge Steel
Lid Material13 Gauge Steel
SS Lid Material14 Gauge Steel
Weight155 LBS
Wattage240W start/60W cont.
Dimensions51"H x 56"W x 24"D
Auger Motor RPM4.7-5.2
Fan Motor RPM0.45A; 4100 RPM
Igniter110V; 240W
Igniter (Hot Rod) Diameter.625 in.
Height of Cooking Surface to Lid13.5" clearance
On WheelsYes
Wheel MaterialHard Rubber
ChassisFour Wheels
FinishPowder Coat
Cleaning EffortMedium
Cooking Grate MaterialPorcelain Coated Steel
Controller TypePush-button PID